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At CrowdStreet we believe all accredited investors should have equal access to institutional-quality commercial real estate investment opportunities as a means of portfolio diversification and wealth creation.

We also believe the economy is strengthened when real estate developers and operators are less dependent upon traditional capital markets to fund projects, have greater access to capital and spread investment opportunities and risk across a larger pool of investors.

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Trueline Capital Fund II

Pacific Northwest, USA








2 years



Please register to gain immediate access to Trueline Capital Fund II investor documents including targeted returns. Keep in mind there are risks to this investment, so please review the complete set of offering materials. 

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Key Deal Points

  • Demand Exceeds Supply - Strong Q2 portfolio growth: The Fund realized annualized returns of 14.0% in Q2. This was driven by a tremendous amount of activity with the real estate portfolio growing 73% during the quarter. For more details please see the Q2 Update section below.

  • Pooled equity fund backed by residential property: A supply shortage exists in the US housing market due to rebounding demand and constraints on financing for local and regional homebuilders. The Fund fills this Supply/Demand funding gap through originating and servicing short-term construction debt that is secured by a first-lien position deed of trust on a diversified portfolio of assets across the Pacific Northwest.

  • High-yielding income investment: The Fund generates income from interest and fees charged to borrowers. Investors are targeted to receive a total annualized return of 9% - 13% with an 8% annual cash yield paid monthly. Excess distributable cash to be paid quarterly.

  • Focus on long-term capital preservation: Loans are made at conservative Loan-to-Value ratios; loans are short-term (less than 6 months) to reduce submarket exposure; diversification across regions, submarkets, and builders; dynamic portfolio management designed to protect investor capital through market cycles.

  • Access the very strong residential construction market: Housing is a bright spot in the post-2008 economic recovery. Population growth, job growth and a rebounding home ownership rate (including millennials) are causing demand for new housing to be healthy but there is a 35% shortage of supply of new construction. The primary reason for the shortage is lack of access to construction capital for local homebuilders. The lack of capital is driven by community banks’ refusal to lend in this space.

  • Operating team with 14+ years' experience: This is the fourth construction debt fund capitalized by the manager. Founding team has experience managing through market cycles and has originated over $300 million in loans.

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At Trueline Capital we believe in bringing creative construction solutions to builders and developers.

It’s our mission to provide smart and efficient construction loans and services to builders who need funding. That’s why we guarantee a personal experience unbridled by roadblocks.

We started this business with the goal of reaching underserved builders to fund their construction projects. We have a strong background in cooperative funding models, builder development, and project financing, our team brings the right voice and expertise to the construction financing experience.


A single-family, short-term residential equity fund focused on the Pacific Northwest